Your GenAI Assistant Helping Employees Stay Efficient

AI-first approach to knowledge management, bringing AI into your workflow, not the other way around.

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Your always-on GenAI assistant, minimize context switching

  • Always-on Browser Extension
    • UpGPT's extension is always-on your employee’s browser,ready to assist in any AI task.

  • Inside Your Channels
    • UpGPT is answering questions 24/7 within channels your teams and your customers already use, such as Teams, Whatsapp, Line, and more.

  • During Your Meeting
    • UpGPT boosts productivity by summaring meetings

Fast, Accurate and Integrated Search

Advanced AI Search Beyond Keywords

Experience search engineered with cutting-edge AI – leveraging advanced AI models, hybrid search, and semantic reranking to fully understand your data. UpGPT is purpose-bulit and presents only the most relevant information and documents to you.

Reliable Answers with Verified Sources

UpGPT is deeply integrated with your organizational knowledge, ensuring that search results are accompanied by Citations from your own resources. This empowers your team with dependable information, protecting against AI hallucincations.

Bring AI into Your Workflow - No the other around

Discover the convenience of one-stop AI search experience with UpGPT. No more toggling between different tabs and systems for seraching. UpGPT runs as a browser extension, within your Teams and other popular channels, enabling employees stay efficient.

Unlock employee productivity with AI asssitant

UpGPT includes capabilities that boost your employees’productivity, from search and knowledge management to summarizing meetings, creating tasks, writing emails, updating CRM, and more

AI Search
Knowledge Management
Summarize Meeting
Create Tasks
Write Email
Update CRM

Responsible AI


Enterprise-Level Hosting

Hosted by enterprise level Azure PaaS with SOC1 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified.


Micrsoft ISV Partner

Authorized Microsoft ISV Partner with sophosticated data management capabilities.


No Third-Party Training

Built on Azure OpenAI with no data is shared with any third parties, or used to train any LLM models.

Integrates 950+ Connectors Into One Place

UpGPT integrates popular SaaS solutions, database and cloud storages to create your Knowledge Base, including Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Googe Drive, JIRA, and more, no more switching tabs to look for answers.


Fits into your organization needs

  • Sales Team

  • Respond to customers now, not later
  • Engage customer like experts
  • Fast objection handling
  • Instant follow up after meetings
  • Updates CRM automatically, reduce data entries
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  • Employees

  • Access latest news and updates from company easily
  • Eliminate phone calls, emails and chats by addressing most employees questions via Teams bot
  • Increase employees satisfaction and productivity
  • Trustable answers with citations letting your employees view the source documents
  • Suitable to use in most company policies such as HR, procurement, sales, customer service, and more
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  • Support Team

  • Leverage enterprise knowledge to solve customer issues faster
  • Engage customer like experts
  • Increase the number of customers your team can support
  • Reduce customer churn rate
  • Help support team ramp up faster
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