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Boost your customer operations productivities Now.

Enhance customer revenue, CSAT, engagement and loyalty with UpDay AI CRM. Minimize data entry, answer questions using your data and make progress intelligently.

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Turn Customer Interactions Into CRM Entries and Actions

Leverage generative AI to enhance your CRM data accuracy and accelerate revenue generation.
AI Meeting Summaries

Boost employee productivity with UpDay's AI-generated summaries. Create your AI notebook and let UpDay extract key information and action items from your meeetings.

Consistently Updated CRM

Manual data entry into CRM is time-consuming and prone to errors. UpDay autonomously updates CRM fields, meeting summaries and tasks assignments, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your CRM.

Contextual Customer Messages

By analyzing customer engagement history, UpDay employs generative AI to craft personalized, context-aware emails, elevating the customer experience with minimal effort.

of time can be automated

AI-Driven Knowledge Base For Your Teams and Customers

Harness AI-driven insights to turn your silo enterprise data into intelligence that exceeds customer expectations.
Inside Your Channels

UpGPT is answering questions 24/7 within channels your teams and your customers already use, such as Teams, Whatsapp, Line, and more.

Internal AI Assistant

Create an internal knowledge for product specifications, FAQ, or any documents that help your team serve customers better, transforming everyone into super-salesperson, super-agent.

Answer Customers' Questions

Don't keep your customers waiting. Deploy UpGPT to your customer channels and enable auto-replies with verified answers powered by our technology.

Monitoring AI

UpDay's advanced system detects when AI responses may fall short, promptly initiating human support and documenting the query in our CRM for uninterrupted customer care.

increase in customer operations productivity with same cost.

One AI CRM to manage it all.

UpDay is an innovative CRM solution, infused with AI, designed to enhance your customer engagement capabilities. Engage with customers through AI to foster relationships, cultivate opportunities, address complaints, and allocate resources-all from a single platform.

Sales Services

Manage opportunities using kanban view, forecast view or dashboard view with AI scoring

Send personalized messages to your customers at scale, track message open and click rates

Effectively handle customer complaints with alerts

Keep track of all communications and interactions with your customers

Omni-channel inbound / outbound capabilities

Build knowledge database and share with your team, solve problems faster

Customer at the center
  • All customer data in one place

    UpDay gives you instant insight on your customers sales opportunities, orders, enquiries, issues, complaints, communication history, and more all in one place.

  • Easy to read, easy to use, easy to search

    Organize all customer interactions and focus on important events. Highlight relevant information with AI scoring and alerts.

  • Proactively reach out to customers

    With UpDay, you can design customized templates and reach out to customers at scale. Track open and click rates of your messages for content optimization.

  • Customize processes that fits your needs fast

    Build your strategy, sales and services process around your customers. Putting your customers at the center and fulfilling their needs with our built in out-of-the-box solutions.

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